Dawood Ibrahim’s key aide Jabir Moti detained in London

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 19, 2018 19:56

Dawood Ibrahim (R) and Jabir Moti (L)

In a major blow to fugitive Dawood Ibrahim, London Police arrested Ibrahim’s key aide Jabir Moti from a hotel in London. Jabir is said to be Dawood’s finance manager and custodian of his dark secrets.

Jabir, who is a Pakistan national, was arrested after meticulous work by London Police on investigating the financial links from Jabir to Dawood, his wife and other members of his family in Dubai and Karachi.

Jabir holds a ten-year visa to UK and is involved in investment in Dawood’s businesses which spans across Pakistan and areas covering the Middle East, the UK and Europe, Africa and countries of South East Asia. He also shares common financial interest with Dawood’s wife Mahajabeen, his son Moeen Nawaz and his daughters Mahrookh, Mehreen and his sons-in-law, Junaid and Aungazeb.

As per several reports, Dawood’s earnings from these businesses and other unlawful activities like illegal arms business, narcotics trade, extortion rackets and real estate business are used for financing terrorists to carry out anti-India operations.

Dawood is a Specially Designated International Terrorist (SDGT), who masterminded the March 1993 bombings in Mumbai, killing more than 250 people. He is wanted on the charges of murder, extortion, targeted killing, drug trafficking, terrorism and various other cases.

Jabir’s arrest in the UK is expected to yield vital information on the activities of the D Company members in the UK hither to kept under wraps, and the imminent danger the ‘D Company’ poses to the UK and Europe.