DCP Traffic appeals to Nagpurians to follow traffic rules to avoid deadly accidents after a young boy dies near Futala

Suyash Sethiya | Oct 6, 2016 22:26

DCP Traffic, Smartna Patil has appealed Nagpurians to follow the traffic rules adn ride safely so as to avoid deadly accidents.
Nagpur Traffic Policemen during a bandobast near Narendra nagar square. The traffic police has intensified its efforts to reinforce the helmet rule among Nagpurians. (Photo by: Himanshu Pal)

In a tragic incident yesterday, a 20-year old youngster, Aniket Hiranwar was killed when he lost control over his bike and collided with a truck. His friend riding pillion with him was also injured in the accident and is undergoing treatment. Not only was Aniket speeding his vehicle but he was also not wearing a helmet!

The accident once again brings to the fore the grave issue of Nagpurians not abiding by the rule of wearing a helmet during riding a bike or a moped. Nagpur Police, since June 2016, has been working hard to ensure implementation of the rule by doing bandobasts to challan bike riders for not wearing helmets. And post yesterday’s incident, the Nagpur Traffic Police has intensified its helmet drive. Nation Next correspondent, Himanshu Pal on Thursday morning, witnessed a heavy bandobast of Nagpur traffic police at Narendra Nagar Square.

DCP Traffic, Smartna Patil, while speaking about the importance of traffic rules and yesterday’s tragic accident, told Nation Next, “There is a rapid increase in accident cases in the city. Nagpur City Traffic Police is trying hard to create awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet while riding and has also intensified the bandobasts in Nagpur’s busy areas. Yesterday’s accident case near Futala lake premises was very scary and the young boy was not wearing a helmet. If Nagpur citizens take traffic rules seriously, accident cases can decrease. It is my humble appeal to the Nagpur citizens to follow traffic rules properly and ride safely.”