Delhi man claims he’s COVID-19 positive, threatens to ‘spread virus’ when stopped from killing himself

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 20, 2020 17:39

Situation at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi got tense on Sunday when a man, who claimed to be suffering from Coronavirus, threatened to ‘spread virus’ when he was stopped by the authorities from jumping from third floor of the hospital.

As per reports, the man, who’s mentally challenged and undergoing treatment at the hospital for the same, had a breakdown following which he allegedly undressed himself, climbed to the window’s overhand on the third floor of the hospital and threatened to kill himself.

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Atul Garg, Delhi Fire Services (DFS) director, informed that the fire control had received a call at 2:42 pm from Safdarjung Hospital about a patient attempting suicide. When the fire department officials tried to rescue the man from third floor he said that he is Coronavirus positive. He then threatened to slit his wrist and spill his blood on them to ‘spread the virus.’ As per reports, the man also spat on the team of doctors and police personnel who were trying to rescue him.

The man was somehow convinced to come down and was rescued. The doctors later sedated him and took him back to the ward where he’s undergoing treatment. It has been confirmed that the man is not COVID-19 positive.