Delhi Police raid Tablighi Jamaat Chief Maulana Saad Kandhlavi’s farmhouse in Uttar Pradesh

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 24, 2020 16:11

Maulana Saad Kandhlavi

Delhi Police’s Crime Branch, on Thursday, raided Tablighi Jamaat Chief Maulana Saad Kandhalavi’s farmhouse situated in Shamli District of Uttar Pradesh.

Cops, who wore PPEs, masks and gloves during the raid to protect themselves from contracting COVID-19, were looking for documents related to the number of people who had participated in the religious congregation at Markaz situated at Nizamuddin in Delhi. During the raid, the police recovered pen drives and documents, which have been sent for forensic analysis.

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Vineet Jaiswal, Shamli Superintendent of Police, told TOI: “The team reported at Kandhla police station on April 23 morning and left with the local police for Kandhlavi’s farmhouse. Searches were conducted and the team spoke to 3-4 caretakers present at the farmhouse and then left for Delhi.

Meanwhile, Kandhlavi is said to be currently under home quarantine. He released a statement on Monday, in which he urged the organization’s followers from both India and abroad, to pray at home in the month of Ramzan and follow the guidelines and instructions of the local or national governments.