Dietician Harish Shetty explains the benefits of ‘good food’ to Nagpur judges

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Apr 6, 2017 16:38

Quite a few Nagpur judges were recently spotted attending a session by dietician and founder of Aharveda – Harish Shetty – conducted at Seasons Lawn, Nagpur. Apart from the judges, also present at the session was DCP Deepali Masirkar. Aharveda is an organisation aimed at uprooting the cause of various diseases through alkaline diet plans carefully designed to keep one’s body healthy. At the session, sharing his knowledge of good food, Shetty not only spoke extensively about the food one should be eating and the importance of breathing but also at the end of the session organised a dinner for everybody present which comprised dishes especially made from healthy ingredients.

Dead food Vs Living food

Harish Shetty during his session explained how our body needs 90% alkaline food and 10% acidic food and how we consume 100% acidic food. He then explained the difference between ‘dead food’ and ‘living food’. According to Shetty, dead food includes meat, grains, milk, oil and sugar and by eating dead food we devoid our body of the energy we require to function. Living food includes fruits, greens, nuts, sprouts and seeds. Shetty said that apart from the regular meals one should eat at least two kgs of fruits and one kg of vegetables every day. He also explained how right eating habits can stop one’s craving for a particular food item.

Breathe properly!

Stressing upon the importance of breathing properly, Shetty explained how breathing is food for body cells. He advised everybody present to breathe from the belly everyday for at least 45 minutes every day in the evening and morning. Giving a word of caution, Shetty advised everybody to use air conditioners as minimum as possible and to keep the windows of the room open while one sleeps.

Life without medicines

Shetty explained how one can live a life without medicines and faith if one eats proper food at proper time. He said that pain and cough are body’s best friends and that lemons are good for all ailments – from cough to cancer! He also stressed upon the need of having a daily dose of sunshine. Busting the myth of drinking plenty of water every day, Shetty said that one should drink water when the body demands it and not just for the heck of it.

Pictures by: Kartik Thakur