Disabled people should be treated with love and respect: Sanjeev Pendharkar

Nation Next Newsroom | Dec 17, 2018 19:10

Sanjeev Pendharkar was one of guests at 'Ganganala Pankh Nave,' which was organised on December 14 to felicitate disabled people.
Sanjeev Pendharkar (second from left) along with others at the award function

Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, VICCO Laboratories, while speaking at ‘Gaganala Pankh Nave’ held on December 14, said “People think that if you have a disability, you shouldn’t associate yourself with anything to do with beauty. Instead, I am of the opinion that people with disabilities can be fabulously attractive on so many levels. They should be treated with love and respect.”

Pendharkar was speaking at the function, which was organised by Uttara Mone of Miti Creations with the help of ‘Amar Hind Mandal’ to feliciate disabled people. People who were felicitated were selected by a jury panel, which included Pendharkar, Snehalata Deshmukh (Former Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University), actress Renuka Shahane, Uttara Mon, among others.

Speaking further at the function, Pendharkar said, “While dealing with a person with a disability, people should stop asking him what his disability is. It’s an intrusive and unnnesseray question. He added, “Vision is more important than eyesight. Disabled people want trust and friendship from everyone and not pity. Don’t try to provide them assistance if they don’t ask for it.”

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