Do 30 squats in 3 minutes at Delhi Railway Station and get free platform ticket

Anuja Parate | Feb 26, 2020 18:51

30 squats in 3 minutes

Delhi Railway Station: Do 30 squats in three minutes at Delhi’s Anand Vihar Railway Station and earn a free ticket to the platform. The initiative has been taken up to promote fitness, through railway’s ‘Fit India Initiative.’

Railways has installed a special ‘squat’ machine at the entrance of Anand Vihar station, where the machine will produce a free ticket once the passengers completes 30 squats in three minutes.

A railway official said, “The Fit India Squat Kiosk is in line with the Prime Minister’s vision. More squat machines will soon be installed across the country.”

As a part of the health initiative, the railways has also opened other health related facilities include a ‘Pulse Health Kiosk,’ which measures various wellness parameters such as blood pressure, body composition analysis apart from ‘Dawa Dost’ – a medicine store at the station for passengers.

Check the video of the same below:

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