Doctor forces sweeper to stitch up patient’s head in Gujarat hospital

Radhika Dhawad | Aug 20, 2018 21:02

In a case of terrible medical negligence, a doctor in Gujarat forced a sweeper named to give stitches on a patient’s head.
Sweeper stitching up the patient’s head (Photo source: ANI)

In a case of terrible medical negligence, doctor Indira Contractor in Gujarat’s Baruch Civil Hospital forced a sweeper named Brijesh Solanki to give stitches on a patient’s head. The shocking incident came to light after the video of the same surfaced on social media on Sunday.

The Resident Medical Officer (RMO) of the hospital SR Patel assured to take action for the same. He said, “We are investigating the case and once it is complete, we will inform the higher authorities. Action will be taken accordingly.”

The sweeper, in the video, can be seen giving stitches to the patient in the presence of the doctors and nurses in the hospital room. The sweeper, as per ANI, in question was involved in a similar incident three months ago when he was filmed giving stitches to another patient.

The sweeper, identified as Brijesh Solanki, told The Indian Express, “Last night a patient turned up at the hospital with head injury. Madam (Indira) told me to take stitches, I refused and told her that earlier also similar incident had taken place and I was strictly warned by the RMO not to take stitches. However, she insisted and threatened me that she will complain about him to the contractor (of the sweeper). Finally, I surrendered to her instructions and stitched up the patient, Janak Desai, last night. I learned taking stitches watching doctors during night shifts.”