Double rape case: Nagpur Police arrests rape accused within 24 hours of crime

    Nation Next Newsroom | Feb 28, 2019 16:22

    Nagpur Police, on Wednesday night, at around 2:35 am, arrested the man who raped two minor girls (aged 4 and 6), on Tuesday night in Lakadganj. The accused has been identified as Bantya Dindayal Dange (20), a resident of Kalamna. The accused is said to have committed the crime under the influence of alcohol.

    On Tuesday night, at around 7 pm, while the complainant’s 6-year-old girl was playing with her 4-year-old friend near the house, the accused, on the pretext of taking them to their home, took the girls along with him. He then took the girls to a secluded place and raped them by threatening them with a knife. The accused them fled the spot.

    As the terrified girls walked towards the road, they were spotted by some people, who later took the girls to their homes. Seeing the condition of the girls and their blood stained clothes, the parents suspected that something terrible might have happened. The girls were taken to Mayo Hospital for a check-up and Lakadganj Police was informed and a complaint was filed against an unidentified man.

    Taking the matter very seriously, on the orders of Nagpur Police Commissioner BK Upadhyay, different teams of Lakadganj Police and Crime Branch were deployed to nab the accused. The accused was identified within 24 hours of crime and later arrested. During the interrogation, Dange confessed to committing the horrific crime.