Dr Tulika and Dr Sameer Arbat’s double celebration bash was a glamorous affair

Team Nation Next | May 21, 2017 15:09

Friends of Dr Tulika and Dr Sameer Arbat were at their glamorous best when they attended a double celebration bash cum get-together hosted by Dr Sameer at Hotel Centre Point recently. The party was thrown by Dr Sameer to celebrate the convocation of his wife Dr Tulika and to bring in his own birthday. Speaking about the get-together, Dr Sameer said, “It is a proud moment for me as my wife Tulika was conferred with MD in Dermatology today. This is one of the most important day in a doctor’s life and I wanted my friends to be a part of this happy moment.” Most of the invitees at this party were childhood friends of the Arbats and that made this party a very warm affair.

Pictures by: Kartik Thakur