You’ll either get suppressed or killed if you fight against corruption alone: Dr Subhash Chandra

Report by: Tejaswini Thote

Edited by: Radhika Dhawad

Apr 20, 2018 16:20
Dr Subahsh Chandra
Dr Subhash Chandra

In an interactive session by Chairman of Essel and Zee Group, Dr Subhash Chandra motivated the students in Nagpur by saying that one would either get suppressed or killed if he fought against corruption alone.

During the talk show, Chandra asked the audience, “What will you do for your nation?” One of the many enthusiastic students, who raised their hands to answer, replied that he wanted to fight corruption. Chandra responding to the student, said, “Always take a stand on corruption as a group and not individually. Never in life, fight against corruption alone because you’ll either get suppressed or killed.”

Rajya Sabha MP Chandra, who was present at GH Raisoni College of Engineering, Digdoh Hills, CRPF gate, as a host for his talk show Dr Subhash Chandra Show, focused on issues relating to employment, rapes, women empowerment and corruption. The program was bifurcated into two sessions i.e. first one was for the students to brainstorm and discuss new ideas pertaining to young India free of corruption, rapes, unemployment, etc., and second for the entrepreneurs on ‘how to be a performer in a team.’

Dr Subhash Chandra
L to R: Dr Subahsh Chandra along with Sunil Raisoni

Dr Chandra then invited retired army officer Shiwalee Deshpande from Nagpur to motivate the students. Shiwalee, who has trained 50,000 personnel for army through ‘Prahar Jagrutik Sansthan,’ run by Shiwalee and her family, said, “If you can cross all the obstacles on the ground, you can easily cross your life’s obstacles too.”

Dr Chandra then asked Ram Ingole, who’s been teaching the kids of prostitutes since 25 years free of cost, to come and share his experience with students. Ingole said, “I give more importance to my dreams and that gives me strength to fight problems. Problems will come but I’ll always stick to my work.”

Dr. Chandra concluded the session by saying, “ Keep your dreams alive and follow it until you succeed in it.”

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