10 ways you can ditch your heels and pair your dresses with sneakers!

Gursshheen Gahllen | Feb 15, 2017 19:04

If you aren’t really that girlish and love walking around in sneakers, this one is for you! Sneakers, unlike those heels, won’t give you shoe bites, swollen feet, or broken nail. So, here are sneakers at your rescue! Shades of whites and blacks and printed sneakers are the most trending ones this season. The best part of wearing sneaker is that you can pair them up with your favourite cute dress!

Here is list of dresses, which one can pair up with their sneakers…

A Mini Chambray

A Mini Chambray - Gurl
Picture Source: Gurl

Got toned legs? A dress above your knees is the right one to show off! Pick up vibrant colours like shades of blue, greens or yellow and pair them up with white or printed sneakers. Make sure to wear ankle length shoe-liners along with them.

A Sundress

A Sundress - Pinterest
Picture Source: Pinterest

Checks, big pockets or printed, are the perfect example of a sundress. Casual looking sneakers are best ones to pair with sundresses, making them look precious. Wear the sneakers with shoe-liner and avoid using ankle length socks as they make your legs look shorter.

A Turtle Neck Dress

A turtle neck dress - Pinterest
Picture Source: Pinterest

Dark shades like black, purple and red are the best ones if choosing a turtle neck dress. Use a casual bag or sling to go, with the dress. Pair them with dark coloured sneakers like black or blue along with shoe-liners.

A Printed A-line Dress

Picture Source: Pinterest

Mini or long, printed A-line dresses should be chosen wisely with a cowl or round neck. White sneakers work well with printed dresses as they make the look neutral. Shoe-liners and ankle length socks both can be worn with these dresses.

A Sweater Dress

A sweater dress - pinterest
Picture Source: Pinterest

Winters? Never fear, rather beat the cold. Choose ashy shades like greys or blacks and pair them with white or black high sneakers. Always choose shoe-liners with a sweater dress, as they make legs look longer and give a chic look.

A Tube Dress

A Tube Dress - The 26th Look
Picture Source: The 26th Look

Striped or not, a tube dress goes very well along with white sneakers!

A LBD (Little Black Dress)

A LBD - Davina Diaries
Picture Source: Davina Diaries

A MYTH: An LBD must be paired with heels only!

Sneakers work equally well with your little black dress and surely makes you a look equally sexy! Use subtle white or black sneakers to team up with your LBD.

A Formal Dress

A sophisticated formal dress - Pinterest
Picture Source: Pinterest

Got an important meeting or have to rush to work? A slip-on sneakers is the best to go with a formal dress. Socks or shoe-liners can be worn according to one’s comfort.

A Tennis Dress

A tennis dress - Glam Radar
Picture Source: Glam Radar

Who doesn’t love a flared dress! Slip-on sneakers or regular sneakers add up to the chic value of the dress and makes one feel girlish and stylish!

An Asymmetrical Maxi Dress

If you aren’t really girlish and love sneakers, this one is for you! Here are ten ways you can ditch your heels and pair your dresses with sneakers!
Picture Source: Pinterest

The easy, breezy summer dress works well with all kinds of sneakers and on top of all is a blessing! *Phew! *

Sneakers are the best creation ever! Going partying or work, they work with all!

So, happy ‘sneakering’ this weekend!

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