Drug peddler files Income Tax return of Rs 40 lakh, arrested

Nation Next Newsroom | Jan 30, 2018 14:03

As per reports, a 34-year-old construction labourer turned drug peddler – Rachappa Ranga – who filed an IT return of Rs 40 lakh, was arrested by Koramangala Police from a hotel in Bengaluru. Apart from arresting Ranga’s associate Shriniwas (47), the police also seized 26 kgs of ganja and Rs five cash from Ranga’s house at Kanakpura Road.

Ranga, who hails from Pushpapura, Chamarajanagara, had come to Bengaluru in search of work a few years back. After working as a labourer on construction sites, Ranga got into peddling ganja full time after he bought it once for a customer from his village. Soon he started earning good money. He recruited young agents for the drug peddling and even rented a Villa on Kanakpura Road for Rs 40,000 a month. He also owned a luxurious car and property at his village.

Things were going fine till Ranga decided to file his Income Tax return. He filed an IT return of Rs 40 lakh  and that brought him under the scanner. Ranga apparently couldn’t explain his source of income. The IT officials got suspicious and informed the police. After getting a tip about Ranga and his associate’s presence at a hotel, the police made a plan and nabbed him and Shriniwas.