Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey to embark on: Sanjeev Pendharkar

Nation Next Newsroom | Oct 5, 2018 15:48

Sanjeev Pendharkar (extreme left) along with other guests at the event organised by Brahman Chamber of Commerce at Nashik.

The Brahman Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Nashik, recently organized an event at Prasad Mangal Karyalaya in the city with the sole aim of boosting and revamping the economic status of the Brahmin community in the world. Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, VICCO Laboratories, was invited at the event as the President.

Along with Pendharkar, other guests invited to speak at the event included: Ruturaj Patki (Innova Creations), Sanyogita Atre and Rajani Joshi (successful entrepreneur). Pendharkar’s first-hand experience in tried and tested business methods and models made his address a delightful experience as he shared tips and tricks about entrepreneurial strategies.

Addressing the people present at the event, Pendharkar said, “I feel delighted and grateful for this incredible opportunity to speak about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is something I live and breathe every day. Entrepreneurship is a bumpy road with its own share of obstacles and hurdles. This journey is definitely not an easy one to embark on. However, if you are passionate enough and have a clear purpose and vision of ‘What’ and ‘How’ and if you want your business to have a positive impact on the community, there is nothing that can stop you from climbing your way to the top and building a profitable and passion fueled empire for yourself.”

Pendharkar added, “I am ecstatic about the fact that VICCO today is one of the most iconic brands and has a significant impact on communities all around the world. We aspire to continue doing so by offering authentic products to the society.”

Pendharkar further expressed his unrelenting support for all the members of The Brahman Chamber of Commerce and Industries by saying, “We at VICCO have always tried to endorse and assist struggling entrepreneurs who are working hard to establish their businesses. I hope that the experiences I shared today help heighten the economic status of the Brahmin community and also help everybody to achieve their respective dreams. As long as you work with boundless passion and consistency, I am sure, your best years still lie ahead of you.”