Experts share insights on logistics, industry, MIHAN and IT at Nagpur Dialogue 2.0

Nation Next Newsroom | Nov 16, 2019 15:36
Photojournalist: Bhavesh Mahalle

The Nagpur Dialogue 2.0 was organised by Six Senses in association with Nation Next as the media partner at Chitnavis Centre.
Malhar Deshpande in conversation with panelists at The Nagpur Dialogue 2.0 held at Chitnavis Centre in Nagpur.

The Nagpur Dialogue 2.0 organised recently at Chitnavis Centre by Six Senses in association with Nation Next as the media partner, brought forward issues related to undergoing massive transformation in logistic, industry, aerospace-Defence and IT. The experts present during the discussion were Lt Gen. (Rtd) Ravindra Thodge (Chairman of VDHIC, MIHAN), Shailesh Awale (Centre Head and Director of HCL Technologies), Vivek Deshpande, (Director of Spacewood) and Karunakaran Sathianathan (Managing Director of DLI). The opening remarks were made by chartered accountant Shivkumar Rao (mentor of The Nagpur Dialogue and President of VED Council).

Malhar Deshpande, Founder, Six Senses, shared the idea behind The Nagpur Dialogue and elaborated on why he started this initiative. He also moderated the discussion. Speaking to Nation Next, Malhar said, “The Nagpur Dialogue aims to kick-start a dialogue, discussion, debate among the citizens, youngsters and all the stake holders. The dialogue is perfect opportunity for enthusiastic and inquisitive youngsters, citizens to understand and discuss the emerging opportunities, potential and possibilities in various sectors.” Malhar added, “Nagpur is currently neither underdeveloped nor the fastest growing city in India. It is necessary to re-imagine the potential, opportunities and possibilities in the city and come up with doable, feasible action plans.”

During the panel discussion Karunakaran Sathianathan said, “Nagpur has all the potential of being a logistic hub. But it has not used its potential to the optimum.” He elaborated it by giving examples of his own company, which has made the investment of Rs 200 crore and has given direct employment to 200 people & indirect employment to close to 1000 people. “We are doing 25 times more today, but still we think we have not realised 95 per cent of its potential.” He said, MIHAN was not handled very well. He emphasised the need to rectify, and once again re-focus on MIHAN. Sathianathan also urged the need to complete the eco system required for logistic hub.

Lt Gen (Rtd) Ravindra Thodge elaborated why MIHAN was not taking off and insisted on the change of attitude. Blaming the administration of MIHAN, he said, “The administration must behave like a catalyst of development and not just commission agent of real estate.” He elaborated it by giving examples of various delegation of foreign countries visiting MIHAN and the way they were dealt by the administration. He underscored the need to change the mindset.

Vivek Deshpande, Director of Spacewood clarified that despite of a humble beginning of Rs 65,000 in the 1994, he has multiplied his business to 500 crore, employing 1,500 people. He said, “I don’t remember anything negative happen. A symphony between man, machine, material, logistic have to be maintained for the success of the business.” Deshpande scraping all the blames about the work force of city said, “All depends on the driver of the company. Make people align to your thoughts.”

The programme was anchored by Niketa Sane, RJ with MyFM Radio channel. The vote of thanks was presented by moderated by Bhushan Sahasrabuddhe, Co-founder of Six Senses. Vilas Kale, former President of Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED), Director of Provincial Group, Shreya Nath, Director of Sampark and Anagha Joshi, President of Rotary Club of Nagpur West were prominently present. Nation Next was the Media Partner for the Nagpur Dialogue. The programme was attended by large number of people from various walks of life. The response was overwhelming and lots of people had to go back due to full attendance. The next Nagpur Dialogue would feature prominent leaders, prolific speakers from Travel & tourism, Hospitality and Arts & Culture sectors. The dates would be announced soon.