Five men sodomise 17-year-old boy in Ghaziabad, film the horrific act

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 17, 2018 22:08

Uttar Pradesh Police, on Saturday, informed that five men have been booked in Ghaziabad’s Modinagar for sodomising a 17-year-old boy and filming the horrific act. As per the police, the men, who have been booked under relevant sections of the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), even inserted an iron rod into the teenager’s rectum when he resisted.

As per PTI, the incident took place on Thursday when the Class 12 student was returning to his home after leaving his motocyle at a repair shop in Modinagar. The five men allegedly dragged the teenager into the shop and sodomised him. Apart from inserting the iron rod in his rectum and filming the act on a mobile phone, the men also robbed the boy of Rs 1,600.

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The boy’s father in the police complaint has alleged that the men were harassing his son from a long time. The father also claimed that one of the five men is a son of a police constable.