Five Nagpur youngsters booked for harassing woman during ‘Bharat’ screening at Panchsheel Theatre

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 25, 2019 15:46

Five youngsters have been booked by Sitabuldi Police for harassing and abusing a 35-year-old woman during the screening of the film ‘Bharat’ at Nagpur’s Panchsheel Theatre on June 23.

As per police, the youngsters Shubham Dayashankar Kewswani (20), Mohit Lalitkumar Panjwani(21), Hemant Keshavdas Mamtani (30), Bipin Jiyalal Demla (24) and Puneet Nareshkumar Makhija (23) had gone to see the 9 pm show of Salman Khan starrer ‘Bharat’ on June 23. At around 10:45 pm, the youngsters, who were seated in the balcony section, started making noise and creating ruckus during the screening.

It was then that the complainant, who was in the box section with her family, asked them to calm down and keep the noise low. This apparently enraged the youngsters so much that they flashed the mobile torch on the woman’s face and started abusing her. Then a couple of these youngsters approached the woman’s seat in the box session. They stood on the seat while the woman was seated and indulged in vulgar acts.

Following this the staff at Panchsheel Theatre informed Sitabuldi Police. PI Chauhan reached the theatre along with his team and took the youngsters in custody. The youngsters have been booked by Sitabuldi Police under sections 354, 143, 147 and 149 of the IPC.