Former President Pratibha Patil conferred Mexico’s highest civilian honour

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 1, 2019 19:15

Former Indian President Pratibha Patil

Former Indian President Prabibha Patil (85), on Saturday, was conferred the ‘Order Mexicana del Aquila Azteca’ (Order of the Aztec Eagle) – Mexico’s highest civilian award given to non-Mexicans.

Patil received the award from Melba Pria (Ambassador of Mexico to India) at a special ceremony held at MCCIA Bhavan in Pune. Patil has become the second Indian President to get the award. Late Indian President S Radhakrishna had also been conferred this honour.

Notably, Pratibha Patil created history in 2007 as she became the first Indian woman to become the President of India. She was the President of India till 2012.