Furious employee kills dhaba owner for refusing blanket in Nagpur; arrested

Tejaswini Thote | Feb 26, 2020 17:39

Kara Narayan Singh (50) allegedly killed his employer a dhaba owner Prakash Balgovind Jaiswal (53) after the latter refused to provide him a blanket. Bawad, who was working at the Dhaba situated near Kadamba village on the Nagpur-Jabalpur highway allegedly killed Jaiswal on Tuesday morning. Nagpur Police arrested Bawad, who hails from Bihar,

The incident took place at around 5 am when Bawad abruptly woke up and asked the owner to give him a blanket. But when Jaiswal refused to give one, furious Bawad took a nearby rod and smashed his head repeatedly until Jaiswal was unconscious. Three people even tried to rescue Jaiswal but Bawad managed to overpower them. Subsequently, all the three witnesses rushed the Deolapar Police Station and informed them about the incident.

Speaking to Nation Next AIP (Assistant Inspector of Police) at Deolapar Police Station Pravin Borkute said, “After the interrogation of the accused, we’ve learnt that the dhaba owner used to torment Bawad by compelling him to work for hours without a break and didn’t give him enough wages. He was given little food and was just allowed to sleep at the dhaba. We assume that the reaction was his five years of anger towards the owner. We’ll be presenting him in the court today for further proceedings.”

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