60 Seconds Story: Girl jumps in Ambazari Lake to commit suicide; police constable saves her life

Suyash Sethiya | Mar 4, 2017 19:46

A 22-year-old girl drowning in Ambazari lake was courageously saved by NCP Madhukar Rathod of the Ambazari Police Station yesterday night at around 9:45 pm.
NCP Madhukar Rathod

→ A 22-year-old girl who jumped into Ambazari lake with an intention to commit suicide was saved by night police constable of Ambazari Police Station – Madhukar Rathod (Batch No 5266) – yesterday night at around 9:45 pm.

→ According to Ambazari Police while Madhukar along with his fellow policemen was on night patrolling duty near Ambazari lake, some people came running to them and told them about a girl who had jumped in the lake and was drowning.

→ NCP Madhukar Rathod without giving anything a second thought and risking his life jumped in the lake along with his gun and walkie talkie and saved the girl’s life.

Nation Next salutes Madhukar for the extraordinary courage he showed thereby saving the life of the young girl. Nation Next would also like to thank Nagpur Police for always being on guard and ensuring the safety and well-being of Nagpurians!