Goa CM Dr Pramod Sawant blames parents for youth drug abuse in state

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 17, 2019 18:48

Speaking about free availability of drugs, Goa CM Dr Pramod Sawant said that his government was committed to making Goa drug free.
Goa CM Dr Pramod Sawant (Photo Source: Facebook)

Responding to a TOI report regarding free availability of drugs in and around educational institutions in the state, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant stated that his government was committed towards making Goa drug free.

CM Sawant, however, also partially put the blame for the drug abuse among youth on their parents. TOI quoted the minister as saying, “Parents need to be sensitive also. For everything, you cannot say the blame lies with the government. Parents will have to the take responsibility. Just saying police are responsible won’t help.”

Claiming that till date not a single complaint has been received by the police about use of drugs in schools and colleges in Goa, Sawant said that the government is carrying out awareness programmes in schools and colleges and that people should be alert and inform police about drug sale or its use that they know about. He assured the complaints would be taken seriously and confidentiality of the complainant would be maintained.