Gruesome murder at Gokulpeth leaves Nagpur scared and shocked

Suyash Sethiya | Oct 1, 2016 1:15

Sachin Somkuwar, who was shot dead in broad daylight at Gokulpeth market, Nagpur

It was a feeling of déjà vu, which Nagpurians got when goon Sachin Somkuwar was shot dead by his rivals in full public view at around 2pm in the busy Gokulpeth market in Nagpur yesterday. This gruesome murder in Gokulpeth reminded us of one of the similar shootouts which happened in 2013 at Shankar Nagar, wherein the then Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) vice-president Hemant Diyewar was shot dead in the evening hours. Much like that incident, yesterday’s murder has sent a wave of shock, disbelief and fear amongst Nagpurians. Nation Next spoke to a few young Nagpurians to know their reactions.


Sahil Dewani, 22, Advocate

I was shocked to hear about the murder in Gokupeth market. This is a result of the disrespect some anti-social elements have, towards the law and order. These kinds of revenge killings reflect lack of patience and trust towards our judiciary system. Also, it’s really unfortunate that when such a crime takes place, nobody is ready to be the eyewitness, thereby showing complete disregard to the victim and his family.

Blames the Nagpur Police

Sarvottam Kothari, 23, Law Student

The culprits and the victim were history-sheeters. Ironically, the broad daylight murder took place near a police station! It just shows how our policemen are reactive and not proactive! If policemen perform their duties well, such crimes would not take place. I feel that when it comes to security from the police, Nagpur still has a long way to go.

Not again!

Atharva Upadhye, 20, Student at Ambedkar College

When I heard about the murder at Gokulpeth, my first reaction was, ‘Firse murder ho gaya?’ I actually ask myself at times, ‘Are we really safe in Nagpur? These kind of crimes are increasing in our city and it’s really scary. And the fact that it happened in broad daylight in a busy area like Gokulpeth, makes it even scarier. I feel along with the police, it’s also the duty of the citizens to be vigilant all the time. Nagpur should stand in unity against crime.

Open firing is appalling!

Swaima Ahmad, 21, Student at Hislop College

The gruesome murder at Gokulpeth in broad daylight highlights deteriorating law and order in our city. The goons displayed deadly hooliganism while the passers-by remained mute spectators. Open firing is yet another appalling part of the incident.  This situation calls for stringent security measures for maintenance of public order across the city.

Too scared to speak!

When Nation Next tried to speak to few shop owners at the Gokulpeth market, they seemed really scared. So much so that they didn’t even want to speak about it. A shopkeeper’s confession to Nation Next explains how one could have never anticipated a crime like this in a busy area like Gokulpeth. He said, “At first I thought it’s the sound of one of those Royal Enfield bikes, but then to my disbelief, I realised it was the sound of gun shots!”