Govt. to digitise all schools by Dec 2018: CM Devendra Fadnavis

Team Nation Next | May 22, 2017 23:08

CM Fadnavis
CM Devendra Fadnavis (Photo by: Kartik Thakur)

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis today (May 22) during the third interactive session of ‘Me Mukhya Mantri Boltoy’ said, “Maharashtra government has decided to digitise all schools (both rural and urban) by December 2018.”

Out of the total one-lakh schools in Maharashtra, 44,000 schools (specially in rural areas) have been digitised. Fadnavis, while interacting with the students said, “The process of digitising schools has been taken up on a massive scale. The purpose is to open the world of knowledge to the students uniformly across rural and urban Maharashtra.”

Focusing on training more teachers, he further said, “The state already has around 50,000 tech-savvy teachers. We are putting in efforts to train more, to meet the challenges of digital Maharashtra in schools and professional colleges.”

Expressing deep concern over the current issue of ‘commercialisation’ of education, Fadnavis said, “My government can’t allow education to become a profit-making venture for the private sector. The real and larger agenda of education, which was the backbone of ancient India and its civilisation, will be restored.

Speaking further about the same, he assured, “Whether they are English-medium schools or professional colleges that impart specialised courses, we will not allow education institutes to become money-making machines. The central objective should be the welfare of students and imparting of knowledge.