IIID Design Yatra takes art to the masses, literally!

Amar Ashok Jajoo and Himanshu Pal | Sep 14, 2016 16:00

Nagpur regional chapter (NRC) of IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers) keeping up with the tagline, ‘Taking design to the masses’ of the 15-day programme ‘Design Yatra’ organised a wall designing programme on Tuesday at Neeri Road Nagpur. ‘Graffiti Wall at IIID Design Yatra’ brought students of architecture, interior designing and fine arts from different city colleges together to do beautiful paintings on a long stretch of wall adjoining Neeri Road.

Along with the students, quite a few architects and artists were also seen seen participating. The painters were given an instruction that the paintings should not be of emotional, political and religious nature. Sticking to that instruction, the painters tried to give social messages through their paintings. Issues like conservation of wildlife and environment, importance of education and prohibition of child labour were raised through paintings. Design Yatra Convener, IIID, NRC, Arundhati Sathe along with LAD students Vishakha Chawla, Toshita Rathi, Saloni Sahare and a few others was seen making sure that everybody enjoys this wall designing programme to the hilt

The site of hundreds of painters painting the long stretch of wall was quite fascinating and caught the attention of many people passing by the road. Quite a few of them were seen parking their vehicles and taking a tour of the road to see all the paintings.

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Photos by: Amar Ashok Jajoo