Ground Zero conducts a seminar on career guidance at Chaos Theory in Nagpur

Radhika Dhawad | May 17, 2017 18:48

Ground zero recently conducted a seminar on ‘A peep into your suitable career and aptitude.’ Piyali Kanabar (Behavioural Counsellor, Soft Skills and Language Trainer), Beena Mathew (Counsellor, Soft Skills and Language Trainer) and Rucha Vaidya (Consulting Psychologist) conducted the seminar at Chaos Theory in Nagpur.

When Nation Next spoke to Piyali Kanabar, she said, “Career guidance in Nagpur requires a lot more exposure as people here aren’t really aware about how important a career and the choice of subject for higher education should be. Mostly (the choice of career) it’s trusted and not opted. Such seminars give detailed information about how important it is to begin to think about a career as eary as possible. Secondly, options are open but are not explored because of our lack of exposure. Thirdly, when such things are explained, we understand it better. So, it’s extremely important for the parents and the students to attend such seminars. We do plan to conduct similar seminars in the near future.”

 Beena Mathew spoke about the scope of music as a career and innovative career options that have cropped up in the last 15 years during the seminar. She said, “I spoke more about an off-beat career. When a person pursues what he likes, his passion becomes his profession. His vocation transforms into a vacation! I feel one should attend such seminars for greater knowledge and idea.”

Rucha Vaidya enlightened the guests about various dimensions of aptitude. Here’s an excerpt of the same:

Aptitude Battery for Career Counselling (ABCC): ABCC is an aptitude test, which consists of the following – Numerical ability, Spatial ability, Verbal ability, Acuteness, Mechanical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Critical Reasoning.

Numerical Ability: It’s the ability in manipulating numbers quickly and accurately. It is important in occupations involving computational tasks, such as, accounting, engineering, data processing, etc.

Spatial Ability: It’s the ability concerned with perceiving spatial patterns accurately by following orientation of figures when their position in space is altered.

Verbal Ability: It’s the skill to understand and correspond adequately with words.

Acuteness: It’s the ability to comprehend and understand complex information.

Mechanical Reasoning: It’s the ability of understanding of basic mechanical principles.

Abstract Reasoning: It’s the ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data to further integrate this information and apply it to solve problems.

 Critical Reasoning: It’s the ability to reason from some specific information to a general principal.

Rucha during the seminar also highlighted the advantages of aptitude testing. The advantages she listed were:

-It gives an insight into our set of skills

-It aids us to choose a career

-Clarifies the confusion and assists us to make a decision

Pictures by: Himanshu Pal