A day after patient is cremated, Gujarat hospital informs family he’s ‘stable’

Sharvari Vaidya | Jun 1, 2020 10:11

Gujarat hospital informs family patient Devrambhai Bhisikaris ‘stable’ a day after he’s cremated…

In a strange incident at GMC, a family in Nagpur was about to cremate the wrong body thinking the deceased was their family member.
Hindu Cremation – Wikimedia Commons

Another strange incident has raised concerns about the management of the COVID-19 crisis. A day after a 71-year-old ‘COVID-19 suspect’ Devrambhai Bhisikar was cremated, the family got a call from the doctors saying Bhisikar’s COVID-19 reports were negative and was transferred to the general ward as he was stable. The incident took place in Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute (GCRI) in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital where the family was handed the corpse of another COVID-19 patient.

“On May 29, afternoon, we received a call from GCRI that he was dead and we reached the hospital immediately. When I reached there along with my elder sister-in-law, we were shown a body that was packed as per Covid protocol as he was a suspected case and his report was pending. We did not see his face. The bag of clothes and other things I handed over to him at the time of admission was also with him, so I believed that he was my father-in-law,” said Nilesh Nikte (40), Devrambhai’s son-in-law who lives in Noblenagar (as reported in Indian Express).

According to a press release, Dr Shashank Pandya, Director at GCRI said, “The patient suffered from ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and the hospital had consequently begun providing care for his prevailing health issue while waiting for the results of his COVID-19.”

The official in the control room told the family if the COVID-19 reports come negative, they shift the patient in general ward. Hospital authorities said they were unaware of the latest health status of the deceased and claimed there had been no lack of negligence or care vis-à-vis him. As per IE, authorities said, “There is no irresponsibility or carelessness in this whole thing except that the employee on duty in the control room informed the result of the Covid-19 report without knowing the last health status.”

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