Gujarat: Man breaks wife’s spinal cord after losing to her in Ludo game

Sneha Shah | Apr 28, 2020 15:34

Unable to accept his defeat in an online ludo game, a man from Gujarat’s Vadodara allegedly thrashed his wife and broke her spinal cord.

As per the counselors of 181 Abhayam helpline, the 24-year-old woman wanted her husband to stay indoors instead of spending time with others outside so she convinced her husband to play an online ludo game. Things, however, turned bad when the woman defeat the man in multiple rounds of the game. This made the man angry and he started thrashing her so bad that it broke the woman’s spinal cord causing a gap between two vertebrae.

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The woman was immediately rushed to a hospital and after the treatment she decided to go to her parents’ home instead of living with her husband.

It is being reported that the counselors gave the woman an option to settle the issue or lodge a complaint. She decided to settle the issue and the couple took counseling, after which the husband apologized and the woman abandoned her wish to lodge a complaint.