Hacks to make a small bedroom look bigger!

Gursshheen Gahllen | Nov 24, 2016 17:35

The most relaxed feeling after a tiring day at work is to get back home. Whether you dwell in a small apartment or a spacious bungalow, your bedroom becomes the most important space, which helps in rejuvenation for another hectic day. After work hours, a sound sleep is crucial for a healthy body and an active mind.

Here’re the tips to smarten up a small bedroom into the most comforting space.

→ Choose bright colors

Pic credits: Lappfind

Choosing bright colors for the bedroom is one of the most important aspects while designing. Shades of white, grey, brown, peach, green and pink make a small bedroom look bigger.

→ Go vertical

Pic credits: Homeozoic

A small space is a botheration for storage, a study table, and a seating area. To the rescue, is an ‘upliftment’! To accommodate, the floor can be divided into two parts, where study, storage and a comfortable seating can be provided with a bedstead. Don’t you want an awesome bedroom like that?

→ Mirror, mirror on the wall

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Pic credits: SPR Buildtech

A wall full of mirrors, or big windows helps in improving ventilation and make look the room spacious. Extra light in the room makes it bright and big.

→ Store it smart

Pic credits: Suvidha Innovation

Storage is one of the biggest problems of all! Ladies, next time you face storage problems, all you need to do is utilise those abandoned corners! Make drawers under the bed and ceiling touch cabinets for those extra belongings.

→ Touch to the ceiling

Pic credits: Hamanco

Curtains add a texture, pattern and style to your home. All we need to know is how to hang them the right way. Push the bars and lift them to the ceiling and let the curtains flow free. Looking at the curtains so high makes the room bigger and elongated, psychologically!

→ Keep it easy

Pic credits: Whiteteens

To make a small room less cluttered remove all non required things at once! Minimal use of furnishings, with no extra wall decor is a smart and simple way of leaving enough passage to move freely. A painting, a decorative show-piece or texture on the back wall should be maintained, creating a focal point.

→ Show some legs

Pic credits: Design Brainy

Another way to make a room look voluminous is through the right kind of furniture. When eyes see through and under the furniture, it somewhere makes hidden places visible, increasing storage. In a small room, opt for furniture which show its legs and is in solid color.

→ Accessorise it

Pic credits: Robovy

Metal accessories for the wall, on the table, golden handles, gold frame mirror adds up to the luxury of your bedroom making it look elegant and royal.

→ Dont hide

Pic credits: Oscarliving

Those extra wires, puts down all the expensive accessories in your room. Pep It! Decorate them! New Style!

No more complaining, as these hacks will give your bedroom a new look altogether. Break free, try these hacks for a happy and comfortable living!