HAPPY FEET: Pamper your feet at home with this simple pedicure guide!

Gursshheen Gahllen | Feb 20, 2017 21:16

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Who doesn’t like to flaunt their soft and supple feet? But, for that, getting pampered at a salon surely takes away a lot of money and time. All you ladies must have tried pedicure at home with some expensive and inexpensive materials but might have not got the desired results. With these helpful home-remedies, you don’t need to pay through your nose for a professional looking pedicure. You can put your best foot forward, literally!

Here are the steps for natural pedicure at home:

First and foremost, remove your nail paint (if any) from your feet. If you have cuts or have skin near your cuticles coming out, make sure to use minimum nail remover to save your skin from burning.

Immediately after removing the nail colour, clean your cuticles with a filer and completely wash off your feet to remove the dead skin.

Apply olive oil to soften the cuticles around your toes. For 15 minutes, dip your feet in warm water bucket and add a tablespoon of sea salt to relax your muscles.

If you have dirty feet and are going through a fungal infection in-between your toes, don’t hesitate to put some amount of shampoo and an essential oil to kill the bacteria. Shampoo helps in cleaning the dirt and dead skin on your feet. Rose essential oil or tea-tree oil helps in getting relief from fungal infections and hydrating skin by keeping them moisturised.

Use a foot scrubber and a pumice stone to clear off the dead skin and dirt.

Remove your feet from the warm water and wash the last dregs of dead skin with normal tap water. This helps in closing the pores of your skin and keeping them moisturised. Pat dry with a fresh towel.

As the warm water now makes your nails softer, use a nail clipper to cut nails. Never cut cuticles, they protect nails. File them as you desire and clean the leftovers with a cotton pad.

Massage your feet with a rich lotion and to leave the lotion overnight, wear socks immediately after applying lotion and straightaway hop into your bed! The lotion will keep working over night and leave your feet pink and soft!

If your nails are still yellow, don’t apply nail colour for a few days. If they aren’t, apply the colour of your choice by coating them with a transparent shield.

P.S.  If you have cracks on your ankles, use roll-ons on them. Roll them on your feet and then soak them into warm water and then follow the above steps.

Isn’t self pampering the best help?! Hope these steps work for all you ladies!

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