Health Ministry closed for two days as employees test positive for coronavius

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 5, 2020 16:37

The Union Health Ministry will be keeping its premises and office of Directorate General of Health Services in Delhi shut for two days since some officials tested positive for coronavirus. The entire premises of the health ministry, including the washrooms, elevators and staircases, will be shut for two days and will be sanitised on June 6 and June 7.

The Union health ministry issued a 40-point memorandum on June 3 advising its staff to follow precautionary measures after several of its employees contracted the virus. The ministry made it mandatory for all employees to wear a mask and only asymptomatic staffers were allowed to attend office while maintaining social distancing rules.

The memorandum read, “The number of Covid-19 positive cases is going up steadily and many officers of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have tested COVID-19 positive. It has been noted that at times, social distancing is not being maintained on the office premises. Meetings and conferences should not be conducted physically and may be organised through video-conferencing, and work from home should be facilitated in case of an emergent situation.

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The memorandum also advised against using each other’s phones, desks and other work tools and equipment, loitering and crowding in the corridors and urged the staff to maintain respiratory etiquettes.

“Gathering of five or more persons at any place in the office is strictly prohibited, social distancing of at least one metre should strictly be followed while walking, seating or queuing up for entry and inside the office building. All employees should try and use the stairs as far as possible except those who may have problems using the staircase. The movement of physical receipt/file should be discouraged so as to avoid the infection through frequent touching of papers.

All officials are advised to take care of their own health and look out for symptoms such as fever, respiratory problems and, if feeling unwell, should leave the workplace immediately after informing their reporting officers,” it stated.