Here’s how Nirbhaya’s rapists spent their final hours before getting hanged

Radhika Dhawad | Mar 20, 2020 10:15

All four convicts in the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case – Vinay Sharma, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Singh – were hanged to death at 5:30 am in Delhi’s Tihar Jail today. The hanging took place in front of five members – jail superintendent, deputy superintendent, the resident medical officer, the district magistrate and another jail staff member. Hangman Pawan Jallad who had done several dummy executions earlier carried out the execution.

The four, who remained isolated for hours in separate cells, spent a restless night before they were hanged. Jail authorities said they didn’t have any last wish and were woken up at 3:30 am. They were asked to take bath but all four refused. The convicts didn’t have their breakfast, and their last meal in the jail that was on a lockdown since last night.

Before getting hanged, jail doctors carried out a thorough medical check up. Final moments before the hanging, Mukesh pleaded with the jail officials not to hang him and asked for forgiveness. All four’s bodies were kept hanging for 30 minutes as per the protocol in Delhi Prison Rule. It was only then the doctors declared them dead.

The money that three convicts Pawan, Vinay and Mukesh earned in the jail by doing labour work would be sent to their families. The other convict Akshay didn’t indulge in any labour work. All their belongings would also be handed over to their respective families.

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