Hope Hospital director Dr BK Murali gets bail; accuses finance company manager of harassment

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Feb 4, 2019 19:20

Hope Hospital director Dr BK Murali has accused the manager of Bajaj Finance of threatening Dr Murali, his family members and the hospital staff.
Dr BK Murali (Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Hope Hospitals)

Dr BK Murali (Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Hope Hospitals), who was arrested by Panchpaoli Police on January 29, following a scuffle with the manager of Bajaj Finance, has been granted bail. Speaking to Nation Next, Dr Murali shared his side of the story and has accused the manager Raghvendra Jadon of harassing him, his family members and hospital staff.

For the uninitiated, on January 29, a physical fight had ensued between Jadon and Dr Murali and two other employees of Hope Hospital. Following the fight at the hospital situated at Kamptee road in Nagpur, Jadon filed a complaint against Dr Murali at Panchpaoli Police Station.

As per Jadon, Dr Murali had taken loan from Bajaj Finance and was defaulting on the monthly payments. Jadon claimed that he was called to the hospital by Dr Murali for giving money and then beaten by him and his two security personnel. After Jadon’s complaint, Dr Murali was arrested and booked under various sections.

Dr BK Murali’s side of the story, however, puts Jadon under a spotlight. Dr Murali, while speaking to Nation Next, said that he along with his family members and hospital staff was being harassed by a recovery agent hired by Jadon. Dr Murali says, “I had taken a loan of Rs 30 lakh. I was paying the monthly installments regularly but because business at my hospital has been a little slow lately, I defaulted on some installments.”

Dr Murali adds, “Jadon had given a contract to recover money from me to a person in Mumbai. From the last three months, I, my wife, my female colleagues at the hospital, my brother’s family and my mother were getting threatening calls every day. Hundreds of calls were made in a day by these people! Fed up with the harassment, I called Jadon and told him that I am willing to pay but these calls have to stop. Even after that, the calls continued. On January 29, I spoke to Jadon after my brother got a threatening call. I asked Jadon to come to the hospital as I wanted to know why he was harassing me even when I told him that I was ready to pay.”

Dr Murali, recalling the incident on January 29, says, “Jadon asked for Rs 30,000 to make me prove that I have an intention to pay back the loan amount. When he came to the hospital accompanied by another man, he was very arrogant. He threw his bag at my colleague Ruby Ammon (Director, Hope Hospital) and misbehaved with her. Soon, there was an argument and he attacked us. To defend ourselves, we (Dr Murali and two security personnel) retaliated. He then twisted the entire story and filed a complaint against me at Panchpaoli Police Station.”

Dr Murali claims that he filed police complaints against the harassment two times before the incident. He says, “Once, Jadon went to my home and misbehaved with my wife. I filed a complaint with Sadar Police after that. Later, as the harassment calls continued, I filed a complaint with the cyber cell. The numbers from which the threatening calls were made could not be traced. I feel that because he didn’t face legal action in spite of my complaints, he has become really bold now. The harassment has increased even more. I’ll now fight this case in the court by restraining the bank.”