Hyderabad IAS officer sentenced to jail for contempt of court

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 25, 2018 18:20

An IAS officer, on Friday, was sentenced to jail for 30 days of simple imprisonment by the Hyderabad High Court. HC also ordered the officer, K Siva Kumar Naidu, to pay Rs 2,000 as fine and directed the state government to pay Rs 50,000 as compensation to the petitioner.

It all started when the petitioner, AB Buchaiah, a retired government employee from Mahabubnagar district, started constructing a marriage function hall on his land. Thereafter, some people complained to the Joint Collector (Naidu) that the structure was illegal. Naidu stayed the construction of the hall in July 2017.

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Buchaiah, then, approached the HC to challenge the order. The HC, responding to Buchaiah’s plea, stayed Naidu’s orders in August 2017. This apparently enraged the IAS officer so much that he invoked his magisterial powers and ordered the local circle inspector to send Buchaiah to jail for two months and 29 days.

After securing a bail, Buchaiah filed a contempt plea against Naidu describing his actions as vindictive and contemptuous. Justice Naveen Rao, who was hearing the case, held K Siva Kumar Naidu guilty and sentenced him to jail.