I eat 1kg-2 kg of ‘gaalis’ everyday to stay fit: PM Modi

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 19, 2018 12:37

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently while speaking at an interactive session with diaspora event at the Central Hall Westminster in London said that the secret behind his energy is 1-2kgs of gaalis (abuses) everyday.

When a young man from an audience appreciated PM’s infectious energy, Modi in a lighter vein said, “Pichle kareeb kareeb 20 saal se main daily 1 kg-2 kg gaaliyan (abuses) khaata hun.” (I’ve been digesting 1kg -2kg of abuses everyday since last two decades). As a result, audience began to chant ‘Modi, Modi’ slogans.

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The Prime Minister, whose hilarious reply evoked laughter from the audience, added, “People have accused me of not responding to criticism. But in reality, I consider their criticism important and work upon it. If people criticise me, it’s a goldmine for me. My work is to not to stop people from talking about me. In a democracy, if there’s opposition but no criticism, then how can it be called a democracy? Criticism is the beauty of democracy.”

He further said, “Modi government should be criticised to the fullest that too in every manner as criticism keeps the government on their toes. If anyone criticises me, then I consider it my good luck. I don’t feel bad about it.”