IndiGo grounds crew as passenger on Chennai-Coimbatore flight tests positive for Coronavirus

Nation Next Newsroom | May 27, 2020 19:30

IndiGo, on Tuesday, grounded the crew of a Chennai-Coimbatore flight, which operated on Monday, after a 24-year-old passenger on the flight tested positive for coronavirus.  The crew has been grounded for 14 days. The swab test results of the passenger came back positive on May 26, after which the patient was immediately admitted to the ESI hospital in Coimbatore.

IndiGo released a statement, which read: “We received confirmation from the Coimbatore airport doctor that a passenger who travelled on 6E 381 from Chennai to Coimbatore on May 25 evening has tested positive for COVID-19. All our aircrafts are regularly sanitised as a standard operating procedure and the aircraft operating this flight was also immediately disinfected as per protocol. The operating crew has been grounded for 14 days and we are in the process of notifying other passengers as per the government guidelines to ensure safety of our passengers and staff.”

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IndiGo also said that the infected person was seated in the plane ensuring all precautionary measures, the boarded passengers were equipped with face masks, face shields and gloves. No other passengers were seated in his vicinity, significantly reducing the possibility of transmission.