Inner Planet conducts mental health awareness drive ‘Alive’ in Nagpur

Sneha Shah | Oct 29, 2018 19:43
Photojournalist: Abhishek Thakare

Inner Planet in association with Nation Next as the media partner recently organised ‘Alive’ – a mental health awareness drive at St Ursula Girl’s School ground, Civil Lines, Nagpur.

The event was organised with an intention to spread awareness about stress and anxiety. It aimed at minimising stigma about mental health among people through various activities and suggest ways to deal with the stigma. Prior to the main event, on October 12, Inner Planet had also organised a parade to promote ‘Alive.’

The event was organised by Inner planet founders Yogita Madan (Child Psychotherapist) and Zohra Master (REBT Psychotherapist) with the help of around 100 volunteers. To spread awareness in a unique way, the event consisted of four stalls, which were beautifully decorated by the organising team as per different themes.

The stalls at ‘Alive’ included:

→ Trigger or Treat

→ Cycle of Anxiety

→ Ethical Practices

→ Thoughts

Apart from having these stalls, Alive was also high on entertainment. While some musicians entertained the people present, there was also a dance competition. The competition was judged by Shantanu Thengdi (Official Coach and Member of Selection Committee for RTMNU Cultural Team and a faculty member at Theatre and Performing Arts at Tirpude Institute of Applied and Retrospective Arts, Nagpur) and Awais Sheikh (Core crew member, Dance It Out academy). At the end of the competition, Team Quirky Steppers was adjudged as the winner. Alive was attended by around 500 Nagpurians.

Speaking to Nation Next, Zohra Master said, “It’s great that we had good participation from people at Alive. People loved the stalls and understood the process of stress and anxiety. We wish to make this event even better and bigger next year.”