Jaipur hospital use ‘kundlis’ for diagnosis to treat patients

Radhika Dhawad | May 29, 2019 20:20

In a rather bizarre way, Jaipur’s ‘Unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital’ refers to 'kundlis' or astrology before diagnosis to treat their patients.
Unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital (Photo by: ANI)

In a rather bizarre way, Jaipur hospital – ‘Unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital’ – refer to ‘kundlis’ or astrology for diagnosis to treat their patients. As per ANI, Dr Mahesh Kulkarni, surgeon at the same hospital, said, “Here we are trying to incorporate astrology into medical sciences. It surely helps us to detect the disease among the patients. In Indian culture, astrology holds a lot of importance.”

He further said, “We have one astrologer here Pandit Akhilesh Sharma. When a patient comes, he is subjected to astrological evaluation and astrological diagnosis. The medical and astrological diagnoses are then compared. Treatment is done with advanced technology but we take the help of astrology for diagnosis. Patients are satisfied.”

 Pandit Akhilesh Sharma said, “I see 25-30 kundlis every day. We use astrology for diagnosis only, for treatment we use Medical Science. We do it so that diagnosis is correct and no time is wasted.”

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