International Women’s Day: Jijauchya Waghini – a group which is teaching Nagpur girls the art of self-defense

Suyash Sethiya | Mar 8, 2017 19:16

Vaishnavi Thakur (1)
Vaishnavi Thakur displays her self-defense skills. (Photo by: Harish Nimje)

At a time where cases of crime against women are increasing throughout the country, it has become necessary for girls to be able to fight back and defend themselves in the case of eve teasing and molestation. Keeping this in mind  – ‘Jijauchya Waghini’ – a group led by the members of Nagpur dhol tasha pathak ‘Shivagya Pratishthan Mardani Talim Pathak’ has started teaching martial arts and defense techniques to enable young girls to safeguard themselves from these social evils. ‘Jijauchya Waghini’ literally translates into – ‘Jija Mata’s (Chhatrapati Shivaji’s Maharaj’s mother) Tigresses’. On International Women’s Day, Nation Next tells you ‘Jijauchya Waghini’ which is ensuring the safety of women in their own way…

Need to fight back!

Jijauchya Waghini was started in December 2016 after a young girl from the ‘Shivagya Pratishthan Mardani Talim Pathak’ along with her friends was eve teased near Futala lake, Nagpur. Sonal Deshmukh, a 25-year-old, while narrating the incident says, “Around five months back my friends and I were near Futala on our respective two-wheelers. Two boys on a bike started following us and the guy riding pillion passed lewd comments. They continued doing this for a while. We finally decided to teach them a lesson and stopped them at Dharampeth. I got off from my bike and slapped the guy riding pillion. After that, a lot of people gathered at the spot and thrashed those boys. It was then when I realised how important it is for girls to be able to protect themselves during such dangerous situations.”

Jhanvi Lonare (2)
Jhanvi Lonare during a training session. (Photo by: Suyash Sethiya)

More power to girls

Speaking to Nation Next about Jijauchya Waghini, Ritesh Balwaik – the head of ‘Shivagya Pratishthan Mardani Talim Pathak’ – says, “Sonal’s experience and the similar cases of increasing crime against women led to the formation of Jijauchya Waghini. Through this group, we intend to develop a platform for the girls, where they can learn martial arts and simple but effective techniques for their self-defense. It is a platform aimed at making girls completely self-dependent in terms of safety.” Speaking further about the group’s future plans, Ritesh says, “We want to create a large brigade of well trained and brave girls for handling dangerous situations. To spread the awareness about the ‘Jijauchya Waghini,’ contact numbers of our girl representatives will be listed in Nagpur colleges along with the our banners. We have also requested college girls to add our representative’s contact number on their Whatsapp group so that if any boy misbehaves with the girls, our representatives can go and teach him a lesson. In addition to this, we have decided to organise workshops for the city college girls through which they can learn the self-defense techniques.”

Free for all

At present around fifty Nagpur girls are taking self defense and martial arts training from trainers – Mangesh Karole and Chetan Bhonsle – at Jijauchaya Waghini. These girls are being taught the techniques of spear and sword fighting and to fight with simple things like a ladies scarf and bamboo sticks. The registration is free for all girls. At present the training sessions are being held at Reshimbagh and Gadikhana ground in the evening hours. Any girl who wishes to take the self-defense training from Jijauchya Waghini group can contact on +917507229867.