June 11: Nagpur COVID-19 tally crosses 900 after steep rise in cases for two days

Gursshheen Gahllen | Jun 11, 2020 21:28

Nagpur COVID-19 tally crossed 900 on Thursday (June 11) after a steep rise in the number of cases for two consecutive days. With 57 people testing positive for the virus till late evening on Thursday, the tally has now reached 920.

Most of these positive people out of 57 were quarantined at different quarantine centres in the city. These cases are from Naik Talao–Bangladesh area, Lashkaribagh, Mominpura, among a few others affected areas. On Wednesday, 85 people tested positive for coronavirus in Nagpur. 72 of these people are from Naik Talao – Bangladesh area.

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Nagpur now has more than 300 active cases of coronavirus. It is to be noted that this number has increased exponentially this week. While 15 have succumbed to coronavirus, 529 patients have been discharged after recovery.