Teetotaller liquor manufacturer Kapil Mohan, who created Old Monk, dies at Ghaziabad

Nation Next Newsroom | Jan 9, 2018 8:23

Chairman of Mohan Meakin Limited, the man behind the iconic rum ‘Old Monk’ and Padma Shri recipient (2010) – Retired Brigadier Kapil Mohan – passed away on Saturday at the age of 88 at his Mohan Nagar residence in Ghaziabad due to a cardiac arrest.

It was under Mohan’s leadership that the company’s liquor brand ‘Old Monk’ launched in 1954, became a household name and gained an iconic status. For many years, Old Monk, was the largest selling rum in India and abroad and is still looked at by rum lovers as a favourite. Other than Old Monk, other brands of the company, which got recognition under Mohan’s leadership, were Solan No. 1 and Golden Eagle.

As the news about Mohan’s demise spread, many Old Monk lovers took to twitter and expressed grief at his demise.

Kapil Mohan is survived by his wife Pushpa Mohan.