Kapil Sibal accuses BJP of filling judiciary with RSS ‘pracharaks’

Apr 1, 2018 6:48
Kapil Sibal
Kapil Sibal (Photo source: facebook)

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal accused the BJP led government by saying that the latter is attempting to fill the judiciary with people having RSS ideologies. Sibal also accused the BJP of appointing RSS ‘pracharaks’ in important posts in educational institutions too.

The former law minister expressed his disapproval over the same and lashed out at the BJP by saying that he would oppose the move and if need be, he would also raise the issue with the judiciary.

Speaking further, he said that every institution in India was under attack and attempts were being made to control the judiciary as well as the media.

As per a report in NDTV, Sibal said, “Slowly every institution in the country is being attacked under this government. The prime minister has first ruined the institution of Parliament and now the media and the judiciary. This government is continuously attacking the judiciary.”