Kavita Taneja clears air on rumours surrounding recently infected COVID-19 patient’s family

Kavita Taneja | Jun 14, 2020 14:02

One of the leading interior designers of the city Kavita Taneja clears air on rumours surrounding the recently infected COVID-19 patient’s family.
Kavita Taneja

In the wake of partying rumours doing the rounds about COVID-19 positive girl from Shivaji Nagar, Nagpur entrepreneur Kavita Taneja appeals to Nagpur citizens to be sensitive towards COVID-19 patients, instead of spreading rumours and panic in the city…

“I am going to cut to the chase! Yes, one family member of the Sabarwal family was tested COVID-19 positive, and is now on her way to a speedy recovery with all our prayers. I have known the Sabarwal family for decades and I and everyone in this city knows they are good hearted, God fearing people who have achieved everything with their hard work. They have offered our city with much needed delicious, high quality food that originates from their passion in hospitality as well as love and care for so many.

However, what personally has been disappointing is how the media and our community jumped to immediate conclusions — there was a mention of a party comprising over 100 people, a trip from Canada to Nagpur and all family members being tested positive for the virus. All are rumours. As a friend and as a righteous human being, I’m here to set the record straight. There was no travel history for over eight months, besides the recent trip from Delhi to Nagpur, post which the family member self-isolated the COVID-19 patient in her Nagpur residence.

A few days later, the now COVID-19 patient, even with the slightest symptoms then, got tested and followed every rule for safety and recovery. Certain media houses even reported the news of the entire family being tested positive even before they got tested. For the record, all have tested negative and I thank God for keeping the family safe and protected. Can you all imagine how that feels – to face such baseless conclusions? For a moment, imagine yourself in such a situation. This is the time to be kind.

Instead of participating in such discussions and adding to such untrue stories, I have made a choice – of lending support to the family. I will not participate in such rumours or conversations. Good people do good things, and always get goodness in return. We all seek for the same in such times. Don’t be a part of such conversations; it does not help the family. Offer your support. COVID-19 is a global issue; we are all in this together. And I strongly believe people in Nagpur are righteous.”

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