Kerala: 27-year-old man arrested for killing wife using Cobra

Sneha Shah | May 25, 2020 16:49

A man has been arrested in Kerala’s Kollam for allegedly killing his 25-year-old wife with the help of a cobra. As per the police, the woman Uthra was found dead at her house on May 7, after which her parents approached the police.

Shockingly, the husband, Sooraj (27), who is a private bank employee from Adoor in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, had reportedly tried to kill Uthra previously as well with a viper earlier in March. Uthra survived the snake bite in March after a month’s treatment.

After investigation, the crime branch has arrested Sooraj along with his friend Suresh, the snake-catcher who had supplied highly poisonous snakes like the cobra (in May) and a Russell’s viper earlier to him in March.

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Police has collected digital evidences from Sooraj’s mobile phone, in which he had been watching snake-related videos on YouTube since the last three months in order to get trained in handling snakes. Sooraj had bought Russell’s viper on March 2 and had attempted to kill his wife at their house in Adoor with the viper’s bite.

To his surprise, the Uthra managed to survive the attack after being discharged from the hospital on April 22. She later returned to her parent’s home in Anchal in Kollam district.

In the second attempt, Sooraj contacted Suresh again and purchased an Indian cobra on May 6. He dropped the cobra on his wife while she was asleep. “Sooraj watched the snake bite Uthra twice. On May 7 morning, Sooraj woke up and got out of the room as usual. It was Uthra’s mother, who found her unconscious,” police officials said. Uthra was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.