Kolkata woman approaches police after being flooded with sex-drug calls

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 13, 2019 21:45

Kolkata woman approached the police after she was allegedly flooded with lewd calls from men asking for organ enlargement drugs. The woman apparently has a similar number as that of a company that sells enhancement capsules and oils.

As per the complaint, the Kolkata woman has received around 40 calls a day from people asking her for organ enlargement drugs and even though she has told them that it is a wrong number, they continue to harass her using abusive language.

The woman’s husband told the police that initially they tried to ignore the calls, possibly thinking that they would stop, however, as the number of callers increased over the past few weeks they decided to approach the police.

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Since it is an old number, the woman is reluctant to change it, with her husband even calling the said company whose number he found after some research. However, the company too responded harshly and refused to help by changing their number, despite been threatened with police action.

The police have responded to the complaint and have called for all details, promising action.