Woman lab assistant throws ammonium sulphate on female teacher in Nagpur’s Government Polytechnic

Radhika Dhawad | Jan 15, 2020 16:23

In an act of vengeance, a woman lab assistant threw ammonium sulphate on a female teacher in Government Polytechnic in Nagpur’s Sadar area. The incident took place after both got involved in an argument on Wednesday afternoon. It has been said that the two had been arguing over the lab assistant’s transfer for over two months, which had enraged the latter. 

Vinita Sahu, DCP Zone II, said, “An incidence took place at Polytechnic College today wherein a lady working as Lab Assistant at Chemistry Lab tried to allegedly throw a solution of ammonia on the lady Head Of Department (HOD) .She was reportedly agitated over the default reported by HOD for her irregularities in attendance. Police officers from Sadar PS reached the college and enquired from College authorities and HOD but no complaint was given in this regard by them. The incidence has been wrongly interpreted as acid attack. Request press and media friends  to act sensibly and avoid wrong reporting.”

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