Legendary actor Shriram Lagoo passes away at 92

Radhika Dhawad | Dec 17, 2019 22:51

Veteran actor Shriram Lagoo, who has worked in several Hindi, Marathi films, passed away on Thursday in Pune at the age of 92.
Shriram Lagoo

Veteran actor Dr Shriram Lagoo passed away on Thursday at the age of 92 at a private hospital in Pune. Lagoo, who was a considered a remarkable theatre and film actor, had made his mark in over a hundred Hindi films. He was known to enjoy a legendary status in Marathi film industry. One of the most respected actors, Lagoo was also an ENT surgeon. He had appeared in popular films like Kalaakar, Souten, Laawaris and Professor Pyarelal among other films

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