If this video is real, it is really very alarming!

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Jan 5, 2018 13:33

A couple of days back, saffron flag waving groups allegedly pelted stones at a dalit gathering celebrating the 200th anniversary of the historic Koregaon Bhima war near Pune. What transpired later paralyzed Maharashtra. Prakash Ambedkar, grandson of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar called for a ‘Maharashtra Bandh’ in protest of the attack. Thereafter, many people took to the streets in several cities of the state to protest. What was supposed to be a peaceful protest soon turned violent as buses were destroyed, stones were pelted, tyres were burnt, roads were blocked and cities were brought to a halt.

While, the whole situation is really disturbing, if a video, which has surfaced online, is real, the situation is alarming as well. Television director, producer and actor JD Majethia shared a video (on Facebook) of a little boy with stones in his hand allegedly joining the protest in Pune. The person capturing the video speaks to the boy in Marathi. When the boy is asked as to why he has stones in his hand, the little boy replies, “I have picked up stones to hit people. People (Marathas), who have attacked us (dalits). I will kill them.”

We do not know what’s the source of the video or who took it, so we cannot claim that it was during the recent protests in Pune. But if it is real, it is certainly disturbing.

When Nation Next spoke to Majethia, he said, “I received the video as a Whatsapp forward and I posted it online. I don’t know the source of the video or whether it’s real. If it is indeed real, it’s really gross and alarming.”

Here’s the video: