Rajma-rice replaces noodles; Maharashtra govt bans junk food in school canteens

Radhika Dhawad | May 9, 2017 12:32

Maharashtra govt bans junk food in school canteens
Maharashtra govt bans junk food in school canteens (Photo source: Vivo di Benessere)

Rajma-rice, vegetable khichdi, idli-vada, jaljeera, etc., would be among the dishes that would be replaced with pizza, noodles, soft drinks, pastries, etc., as Maharashtra government has banned the sale of junk food items in school canteens.

The Union Governement had set up a task force under the Director of National Nutrition Institute (Hyderabad) to encourage consumption of healthy food by avoiding junk food.  The task force report stated that any junk food containing high amount of salt, fats, salt and very little nutritional content leads to obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc in future.  The state has asked all the schools to ban unhealthy food items that are ‘High in fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS)’ to control obesity and other disease among children.

As per the Government Resolution (GR), the 12 listed categories of food that can’t be sold in school canteens are – potato chips, pastries, carbonated soft drinks, pizza, burger, cakes, noodles, biscuits, rasgullas, pani-puri, ice gola, chocolates, jalebi, etc.  It has also provided a list of 20 items that can be sold that include wheat roti, coconut water, jaljeera, vegetable pulav, idli-vada, parathas, sweet daliya, kheer, milk and milk products, vegetable khichdi, buttermilk, sandwich, etc.