Peacocks don’t have sex; peahens conceive after swallowing peacock’s tears: Judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma

Radhika Dhawad | May 31, 2017 21:23

Mahesh Chandra Sharma
Mahesh Chandra Sharma (Photo source: NDTV)

Judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Rajasthani High Court judge, who recommended declaring cow as the national animal of India has given a bizarre statement. He said that peacock never has sex; it’s a celibate. “The peacock is a lifelong brahmachari (celibate). It never has sex with the peahen. The peahen gets pregnant after swallowing the tears of the peacock,” Sharma told reporters. Commenting on the national bird peacock further, he has said that it is ‘pious.’

Sharma made the comments while comparing the cow with peacock. He explained why he believed that cow deserves to be the national animal. “The peacock is celibate and that’s why it is worn by Lord Krishna on his forehead. Similarly, the cow has many divine qualities. Cow should be revered. The penalty for cow killing should be a life term.”

Declare cow as India’s national animal: Rajasthan HC to Centre

Sharma told NDTV that he’s “a devotee of Lord Shiv who revers the cow.” Sharma, who retires today, reportedly wants to be a Supreme Court lawyer.