‘Main tujhe dekh lunga’ but I’m not threatening you!

    Radhika Dhawad | Feb 23, 2019 15:48

    How often do you use the phrase- main tujhe dekh lunga – as a threat?

    In 2017, an FIR was filed against a lawyer Mohammad Mohsin Chhalotiya (from Sabarkantha district of Gujarat) who was imprisoned for threatening police by saying ‘main sab ko dekh lunga.’

    We all know how frequently the phrase – main tujhe dekh lunga – (I will see you) Indians use during a fight. And no matter what, we take the phrase quite seriously! So much so, that there have been instances where people have indulged in ugly brawls. For us, ‘main tujhe dekh lunga’ is the most common way of scaring people and throwing our weight around!

    But Gujarat High Court recently refused to accept that the phrase is in any manner a criminal intimidation or a threat. Justice AS Supehia at the Gujarat HC recently while announcing a judgment during a case said that the threat must cause alarm in the mind of the victim and – main tujhe dekh lunga – can’t be considered a criminal intimidation or threat!

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